DSC_0043Communication, be it a tweet, an email or a video on Youtube, is essential to making just about anything happen. You set goals, expectations and create mood and mental environments using written, verbal and visual cues. Doing this in an effective and entertaining manner is my professional goal.

Please look around this site, search for what interests you and feel free to contact me for a friendly chat, a cup of coffee or a project you’d like some word smithing expertise on. I do travel sometimes, but I always try to check email at least once a day. If you are a nonprofit or working for a deserving cause, I do try to make time in my schedule to support community and feel free to contact me. I only take on projects I personally support or feel I can speak to.

I told my mother when I was five that I was going to write books. Understand, at the time I had barely mastered the alphabet. I completed my first manuscript at 13 and promptly realized that it was rubbish. Since then I’ve been practicing and studying the art of the pen, keyboard and now the pad space on my iPhone in its many and various forms. I’ve written cover letters and creative content for grant applications, research papers funded through student grant programs, curriculum and creative content for ESL, and various other content as you can find on my site, bethanytuckerwriting.wordpress.com.

Outside my mobile production space – better known as “my baby” the MacBook Pro – I enjoy a cup of coffee with new faces or old friends, hiking, traveling, thoughtful debate, reading, listening to podcasts, playing with dogs and learning about new technology and apps.


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