To Rate or Not to Rate

It used to be that you could go down to the store, find a CD on the shelf, maybe ask the person behind the counter what was “hot” but in today’s online shopping arena, that’s no longer the case. We go online, read Amazon or Goodreads reviews to decide whether or not to buy a book, check Yelp for the latest restaurant experiences or drop into LinkedIn to check on someone’s profile.

It’s a self sustaining system, requiring the constant input of thousands of us as we go about our daily lives. Without the social proof of reviews, a completely wonderful new bar in town or a promising young author is going close up shop and leave us without their new vibe or perspective.

Stars, reviews, votes and shares today are worth more than a single purchase. If you know of an author you enjoy, an artist who’s music moves you or a movie that you thought just rocked, go out and review. Even if its a short one liner or a quick star rating on a podcast, give it a shout out. If we want our favorite businesses, entertainers, writers and artistic to continue to serve us, entertain us or motivate us, then we have to lend them the modern stamp of approval.

The great thing is we can do this without spending money or getting up and delivering a speech. And it means that we’ll likely be enjoying more of what we like.

So get on your keyboards and vote. It’s not just a political thing anymore, it’s a stand for how you like to be entertained, serviced and spoken to.  It does make a difference. Those likes, votes, and ratings are often the first things donors, supporters, publishers and potential interviewees look at.

If you don’t like the social proof that’s being awarded, get out there and give a little to those you believe deserve it. Make the world a bit more how you want it to look, sound or read. In the end, it’s to your benefit.