Flood and Drought

Snow on Trees in Japan

I wish I could send some of the snow piles sitting around my apartment right now to my friends and family in California. Here I am near flooding with school closures scheduled tomorrow and they’re practically shriveling up for lack of water.

There is a beauty in deserts, especially around an oasis. It is a stark often lonely beauty. Here’s to hoping some of those oases come back to California and the rest of us can be a little less wet!

But if its not to be, then let’s figure out how to make the best of it. Otherwise it’s going to get a lot worse! At least my husband and I had a good time bonding under snow flakes while walking our groceries home. It was too snowy for the bicycles to be safe! Anyone else have some climate change weather ideas? Please comment away!


Random Traveling Adventures: Mobster Deer

I love traveling and the random unexpected events that happened when you’re out and about. Ran across this video as I was going through files today from a few years back, on a summer trip in Japan. My husband and I are preparing to leave Japan and return to the U.S. New city and new vocations. It’s time to stretch ourselves again. It’s been a good run here in Japan, however. Good memories.